Why Church?

The Bible tells us that God created us to live in community, with him and each other. It also promises us that a day is coming when we will live in perfect harmony with God and with each other.
Church offers us a foretaste of what this will be like. Church is not perfect; things go wrong and everything isn’t exactly as it should be. But at its best, Church is a place where Christians come together to worship God and to enjoy being with each other. In the same way that it is good to play football with other people, Christians believe that it is good to ‘do life as Christians’ with other people.
Not everyone comes to Church believing that it is a foretaste of heaven. People come to St Peter’s for all sorts of reasons; some people are drawn to the peace and the stillness of our beautiful Victorian building; some people come to here because of our musical tradition or our children’s activities; others may simply want to meet new people.
Whatever the reason you might be thinking about coming to visit us you will be most welcome. At St Peter’s we strive to make Church a welcoming place where we can explore and grow in faith together.